PlusToken development planning

PlusToken development planning

April 2018:

Landing on April 30, open a number of national registration rights at the same time.

July 2018:

PlusToken has set up the plusToken foundation in Singapore, and the plusToken foundation in the United States, in compliance with the global market. Let plusToken digital asset security steward legally enter the hands of global users.

September 2018:

Coin currency trading goes online and OTC transaction goes online.

PlusToken takes a shared trading platform model.Users earn their own transaction fees and their own team users to achieve the

win-win principle.

The plusToken Foundation distributes 50 per cent of the profit from the transaction fee on the decentralized trading platform permanently to all promotional users.The decentralized trading platform will operate automatically accurately, safely and efficiently on the block, free from manual management and any human factors.Therefore, the trading commission we get will be permanent.It will not be affected by the progress and development of any organization.

PlusToken creates a trading platform that belongs to this era and belongs to all plusToken users sharing the benefits.

Where would you prefer to trade next?

December 2018:

The plusToken infrastructure, which the plusToken technical team has spent a year painstakingly building, will be launched, and more related applications will be generated on the main network, including games, payment, life, side chains, etc.

May 2019:

Launching plus Global Business Cooperation, industrial applications in a number of areas began.

June 2020:

A total of 500 million plus, 300 million of them have started mining mode, and started mining in the pit.Open mining machinery business at the same time.The plusToken technical team developed the mine machine independently to release the pre-sale plan ahead of time.The specific time of the announcement is subject to the plusToken team issuing the explanation announcement.

June 2021:

Create the most popular digital asset security housekeeper in Korea and the world. Become the value brand of block chain domain!

On June 30, 2022, or when plusToken registered more than 10 million users:

New registered users will be stopped Smart Dog arbitrage Service.Old users will not be stopped to use smart dog arbitrage service until June 30, 2024.

PlusToken’s ultimate direction and mission is to build a global block-chain security fortress. Create a thriving block-chain ecosystem and share the blue fruits of win-win cooperation with all users.







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