Plustoken growth

Plus growth

Plus is a master coin developed by the plus token technical team. It is the underlying architecture of block chain technology for decentralized encryption of distributed digital currency.You can freely build block chain applications and intelligent contracts for developing digital currencies through the plus open source code in compliance with the plus convention.As an encrypted digital asset developed by the plus Token technology team, plus will explode with infinite possibilities, relying on the strong compatibility and integration strength of the plus Token block chain system!

Plus Token launched the plusToken foundation in Singapore and the plusToken foundation in the United States in July 2018, in compliance with the global market.The plusToken foundation allocates 50 percent of the profits from transaction fees for decentralized trading platforms to all marketing users on a sustainable basis.The plusToken platform was launched in September 2018.This is a trading platform that belongs to this era and belongs to all plusToken users sharing benefits.PlusToken will then become the preferred trading platform for 80% of wallet users.

Plus distribution mechanism

500 million total for issue

300 million for pre-excavated pieces

a total of 200 million pieces in early circulation, of which

business cooperation 10%

technical team 20%

70 percent of the market circulation is equal to 140 million pieces.

Plus is used for bonus settlement within plusToken’s entire business model ecosystem,which means that all users involved in the promotion and sharing will have a large number of plus.Due to plus’s constant issuance, the more people it holds, the faster it will rise.

All users of plusToken wallets must use plus to pay for miner fees when transferring digital assets out of the transaction,which means that all wallet users must buy the plus, making it a must-have for the plusToken ecosystem.

PlusToken’s trading platform only accepts plus for transaction fees. This trading platform will be the preferred platform for plusToken wallet users, as transferring money from the wallet to the miner is the lowest and fastest. What matters is your own transaction fee and your team’s transaction fee, where you have a 50% stake in the share model.

Starting from September 2018, the platform will spend 30% of its quarterly profits on the repurchase plus for destruction. The destruction process will be carried out on the block chain and will be open and irreversible until the total amount is limited to 100 million pieces. This means that the total number of plus is decreasing and the value is growing!

The value of the plus must not be stated, but rather the value it generates in an effective, widely used business model that is accepted by the market.Empty talk would lead the country astray, and hard work can rejuvenate the nation.All the empty checks will be a flash in the pan. Join hands with all plusToken users to witness!







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