plusToken Use Instructions+

First、Start the intelligent dog:

It takes a market value of 500 US dollars of digital asset to start. After startup, you can add it to the same kind of digital asset as your wish. If you add to a different kind of asset, then you will need to start with more than 500 US dollars. You can solely turn off the smart dog of an asset at any time, in the meantime all the digital capital will be closed as well.


Second、turn off the intelligent dog:

If you need to turn ff the smart dog which have not yet been started for more than 28 days, you will be notified that: Your smart dog will be deducted for 5% of the total amount as the comprehensive fee (referring to your principal balance) for less than 28 days. If  it has been lasted for more than  28 days, then the comprehensive fee will be 1% of the total amount.


Third. About the intelligent earnings:

I. If you start the smart dog before 24:00 every day, and you will see your income after 12:00 one the next day.

II. Since the earnings are settled by digital asset, thus there could also be a delay of the time to credit into your account. Usually the time of releasing of earnings is between 12:00 and 16:00 (other earnings will also be credited into your account during this time period).


Fourth、About Candy:

I. It is required to log in immediately after successful registration. Only the account that has been logged in before 11:00, will you get an opportunity to receive candies at 11:00;

II. The number of candies to be distributed  varies from 0.01 to 500 or more;

II. The first one who starts the smart dog for the first time can also get an opportunity to get candies at 11:00. The number of candies to be distributed  varies from 0.01 to 500 or more until all the 20 million candies have been given out.


Fifth、About miner fee:

I.  The currency exchange fee in the PLUS wallet and the fee to transfer to other trading platforms or wallet miner fee are 0.7 plus. The miner’s fee produced by transferring will be  temporarily paid by the platform. The price of the miner fee plus will be adjusted accordingly.

II. Since the miner’s fee is paid by plus, the amount of plus paid by the user at each price stage is not the same. The price of plus is about the value of 2 to 4 dollars;


Six、About the transaction fees:

I. PLUS can be converted into ETH, which is exchanged according to the real-time price in the market. These is no limit on the exchange volume.

II.Other digital assets can be exchanged to plus as well and they will be also converted according to the real-time price in the market;

III. Before the plusToken trading platform was launched in September, 2018, each account can only exchange 100 plus, and the exchange service fee is 0.2%.


Seventh、About promotion:

I.  Our promotion QR code can be seen in My Promotion. Each QR code represents a download QR code in a certain different regional market, and each of them can be used.

II. To see the total amount of the partners and search all the partners within 10 floors. The system will automatically update these two data every day between 24:00 and 1:00. That is to say, only after these two times, the data is updated synchronously.


Eighth、 About upgradation:

I.  Assume that all the indicators that can be up to the requirements of the major client or the master, but in order to enjoy the benefits of the upgradation, it will start the next day. In the same time, the new level of your title will be displayed after the time period of 24:00 to 1:00.


Ninth、About the VIP :

I. VIP is the administrator and voter as well as the new policy privileger in the entire plusToken ecosystem. They have the priority to enjoy the platform’s policies;

II. VIP application conditions: Those who hold 10,000 plus can apply for the VIP identity, and they will become VIP after 28 days;

III. The VIP can be revoked at anytime anywhere, 10,000 plus will be returned to your wallet in time, no fees caused. While you will no longer enjoy VIP privileges and priorities after revocation. If you want to continue to become a VIP, you need to reapply after 28 days’ verification;

IV. The service fee for each section of the entire ecosystem is 50% of discount;

V.  The comprehensive service fee for daily income is 25%, and the comprehensive fee deducted from VIP daily income is 1% (the comprehensive fee deducted for ordinary users’ daily is 5% of the earnings);

VI. Get an opportunity to receive candies from time to time;

VII. The platform will take out 1000 plus Token mining machines and send to the first 1000  VIP holders for free.


Tenth、Other tips:

I.  About the flash back phenomenon on Apple mobile phones: Just authorize on your mobile phone once again.

II.  You must ensure to save well the private key by copy and paste, it is also recommended to hand-written and save on your computer file, or add to your favorites.

III. After turning on the smart dog, unless there is a special situation, please don not turn off the smart dog randomly [there is no lock mechanism here]. If you turn off the smart dog, your intelligent earnings and link earnings will stop to increase. After the smart dog is turned on, the smart dog will not be turned off because of the decline of the currency.

IV. Whether you need to the transfer in/out the money, it takes some time in the process of block packing and miner completion confirmation. It could be fast or slow, with time is within several minutes to several hours. At present, there is no case that that the money cannot be credit into your account in the platform . Because the block can not be reversed or falsified. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact with our customer service.

V.  When you introduce it to your friends, you can introduce 10 friends to turn on the smart dog to get 10 bonuses in total. The amount of bonus you can get depends on how many friends that you have introduced.

VI. About the conditions for the upper level: the three departments referred to shall have major clients so as to be a master. It doesn’t mean that the client shall be the one that is introduced by you, but those major clients from the subordinates of the three departments also available.

VII. Before you are familiar with the operation, it is recommended that you should consult your friend who introduce it to you first.

VIII.  Refer to the website to see details of getting by moving the bricks. The flow record you can see is not your personal flow, but the flow record of the technical team’s overall arbitrage. The flow records showed on the is part of the flow, but not all of it. The flow record of last week will be renovated every money for your reference.







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